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We’re different than other Target Date Funds.

Target date investors hated 2008 and it’s easy to see why looking at the chart below.


We saw an opportunity to help investors have financial peace of mind, no matter what the market is doing. We actively manage risk exposure and aim to deliver drawdown protection to the investors who need it most.
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Now you have more time to enjoy life. So Relax, we’ll handle your retirement investments.

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Trademark is comprised of experienced portfolio managers who have been around the block. We have been building our knowledge of discretionary tactical risk management inside 401(k)s since 1994 through three bear (receding) markets and three bull (growing) markets. We strive to bring peace of mind around investments to families and individuals.

We know your experience, and that’s why our Target Date Funds are more like managed accounts. Our goal is to advocate for you while investing. We do not manage strategies to outperform an index or benchmark. We believe our tactical risk strategies reduce the chances of making emotional investment decisions and, in return, increase the likelihood of meeting your long-term goals.

Current Market Conditions

How it Works

We use a proprietary quantitative model to measure current market risk conditions. During constructive market environments, each fund within the Tactical Risk Series will be allocated to its maximum equity exposure according to the pre-determined glidepath. More importantly, during high-risk environments, each fund’s tactical risk overlay is designed to provide downside protection by allocating to cash.

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