Managed Accounts

Managed Accounts

TRADEMARK provides a suite of separate managed account strategies designed to help individuals achieve their investment goals with as little emotional stress as possible. Each of our strategies have varying primary objectives but all have an equal emphasis on the most important aspect of successful investing – avoiding large losses.

Trademark Investment Strategies

Our flagship, tactical unconstrained, portfolio seeks to participate in equity markets during lower-risk, constructive market environments and staunchly protect our investors’ capital in down markets. We utilize exchange traded funds (ETFs) to create and tactically adjust a diversified and balanced portfolio according to current market conditions.

We use a proprietary quantitative model to measure current market risk conditions. This helps us identify if the market is in a constructive environment or a higher-risk environment. Based on our risk model’s assessment we can tactically adjust our portfolio between a diversified allocation with a heavy equity bias all the way down to a fully cash or cash equivalent allocation during the highest risk environments.

Assess Market Risk, Build Portfolio of ETFs according to risk, Manage Portfolio



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