Advisor Support

If you are new to SMAs, we will guide you through the steps of integrating our SMA strategies with your operations. We can assist you in aligning your clients’ portfolios with their goals and explain everything you need to know about using Trademark Capital’s® SMA strategies—from onboarding to investing.

For Advisors experienced with using SMAs, we want to be a better partner. We are raising the standard for support and assistance by offering all of our Advisors:

  • Operational onboarding
  • Direct access to Portfolio Management
    • Your questions are answered within 48 hours, typically the same day.
    • We are available to you by Phone, Zoom, or email.
  • Portfolio Analysis and Stress Testing
  • Dollar Cost Averaging
  • Client meeting support
  • Prospect meeting support
  • Custom support for your unique needs

At Trademark Capital®, we are committed to our Advisors’ success.

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