Are You Worried About the Election and the Market?

Mailboxes are stuffed with fliers, political commercials are dominating the airways, and early voting lines are long. These are just some of the signs we’re seeing that the election is right around the corner. As is typical of a presidential election year, there is an undercurrent of curiosity and concern about the near-term fate of the market and its’ response. In fact, the level of curiosity and concern is much higher now than in the early days of the pandemic in March and April.  With the S&P 500 at a near all-time high, it might seem surprising that worry is so great; however, we’re quickly reminded by the news and social media channels about a number of uncertainties that are driving this concern: 1) The possibility of a contested election, 2) No stimulus package until after election, 3) Fears of resurging COVID-19, and 4) Social Unrest.

So, here is the question of the day:  Will the market collapse with a contested election? 

The market doesn’t like uncertainty, and IF there is a contested election, the longer it remains unresolved, the higher the angst and emotional charge from all forms of media.  However, to step back and view the financial markets, I believe there are some certainties that are firm through the election – the Fed supporting liquidity and precedent of cooperation established from the past two recessions.

I believe the biggest stabilizing factor is the Federal Reserve’s commitment to do whatever is necessary to support the economy.  And, for the market, that means an unlimited firehose of liquidity.  That doesn’t mean the market cannot have a bout of high volatility, but it does mean that the Fed is supplying enough liquidity for the markets to process any volatility in a normal manner. 

The follow-up question we get on the election is, “What will the market do if X or Y wins?”  If we look to the significant precedent established from the past two recessions, we see that economic realities forced cooperation among the two parties together with a focus of repairing the economy and getting back to full employment. 

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