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Our approach is different than many other Asset Managers.

Investors typically hate uncertainty with their hard-earned savings. Our goal is to provide you financial peace of mind, no matter what the market is doing. We actively manage risk exposure and strive to deliver drawdown protection to the investors who need it most.

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We are the Investor’s advocate so you can have more time to enjoy life. So relax, we’ll take care of the uncertainty while you seek your financial happiness.

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Trademark is comprised of experienced Portfolio Managers who have been around the block. We have been building our knowledge of discretionary active risk management professionally since 1991 through three bear (receding) markets and three bull (growing) markets. We strive to bring peace of mind around investments to families and corporate clients.

We believe our process leads to a better investor experience. Our goal is to advocate for you while investing. We do not manage strategies to outperform an index or benchmark—we manage to achieve your financial goals. We believe our managed risk strategies reduce the chances of making emotional investment decisions and, in return, increase the likelihood of meeting your long-term goals.

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Trademark Total Portfolio Solutions are designed to make material shifts in your portfolio, by matching your unique investment goals with the changing market environment. These shifts apply to high return/low risk markets, low return/high risk markets, and everywhere in between. When you invest with Trademark Capital, we actively manage your portfolio. We do not sit statically and advise you to stay the course regardless of what the market is doing. We watch the market and make tactical shifts as necessary based on our model. We believe successful investors do not avoid risk, they manage it.

How it works

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