Joe Ezernack

Joe Ezernack

CEO & Chief Investment Officer

Joe Ezernack is the CEO and Chief Investment Officer of Trademark. He has a passion for investing assets in a way that recognizes that the term “investors” is not an abstract idea; investors are real people with real wealth goals. With over twenty years of portfolio management experience, including managing through two bear markets, Joe knows that the most important aspect in investing is the human aspect. His view is that as investors mature they become less concerned with vanity returns and seek realistic growth without exposure to emotional wealth-destroying events.

Previous to joining Trademark, Joe was the co-founder of Athens Capital Group and the Senior Portfolio Manager at PMFM/401kToolbox. Joe holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Northwestern State University and a Master of Business Administration degree from the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia.

Joe lives in Athens, Georgia. Above all else, he enjoys spending time with his wonderful wife and their two ‘knucklehead’ young boys.

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